Behind the brand

Two years ago, I hit a low point, definitely the lowest I've ever felt. Thankfully I came out the other side a much stronger person, thanks to my relationship with friends, God and right side of my brain (the creative side.) 


This is another chapter in my faith story. 

I want to create a brand which combines my experiences, travel, relationships and my faith with good design, organic & fair clothing and an opportunity to advance local charity and non-profit missions. 

We Are Known

'My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.'

It's how we respond to this verse. It's how we create conversations about our faith. We are known by Jesus, so let's shout about it. Not literally shouting about it, but through what we wear. 

Everyone has a God-given voice, whether that we praying for the lost, helping the hurting, being the best they can be, living a Jesus-led lifestyle or serving God with true intention. I hope this brand can influence this voice and be force for good living. 

The Designs

This is Phebe, illustrator for We Are Known. 

Phebe creates designs which bring our concepts to life. She also rolls her eyes a lot and reigns in my more 'extra' ideas. 

Together, we want to create strong designs which convey subtle messages through our faith-based products - to present a positive, unobtrusive opportunity to have conversations about Jesus. 

Ethical clothing for the concious consumer.

I have only recently started thinking seriously about trying to live a sustainable & ethical lifestyle, so why not incorporate it into the We Are Known brand? 

I always think about what I put on, but I've not always thought about where it comes from. However I now know that most of the products from clothing brands I enjoy are sourced from a place of suffering. Not wanting to continue supporting these fast-fashion brands, I began looking for more ethically sourced clothing. Unfortunately these were either not to my taste/style, or out of my budget. We Are Known aims to combine ethical values with funky, wearable & affordable designs. 

As you can see this brand is as much for my wardrobe as it is for yours. 

You can read more about the Fair Wear foundation here.