Christmas Gift Guide

These brands are all super cool and deserve your money way more than amazon does. Boycott big chains and send your pennies over to these guys:

Porthleven Pottery

I bought some of Sophie’s products for jack’s birthday. The mugs were the perfect size for a coffee. They are so aesthetic that jack hasn’t used them yet because he’s so scared of breaking them lol. Sophie handmakes them in Cornwall and the packaging is plastic free (always a bonus).

Abigal Jewellery

Abby is a one women show; designing, creating, photographing and selling her jewellery by herself from her garden studio. (I dread to think the state of We Are Known if jack wasn’t around and I was left in control). Her jewellery is consciously sourced and all gem stones come from conflict free areas. My favourite pieces are the ones with a hammered texture.

Hundred Club

This is the coolest brand ever man. I didn’t want to put a clothing brand on this list because I want you to buy ours but these t-shirts always have the funkiest designs. They only ever make 100 of each design meaning once they are gone, they are gone. If anyone fancies getting me one of these tees for Christmas I’d be a happy bunny 🙃🙃🙃

The Object Enthusiast More crockery. I’m obsessed, and once you’ve checked out this brand you will be too. These are hand painted meaning each one is completely individual. The colours and patterns used are so vibey. All of the designs are so random making them making them the perfect gift. Chiara Celini

Hand made earrings. Chunky and funky. She has loads of different designs and colours available. Super cute, I'm tempted to get my ears pierced solely so I can buy these.


Riso printed Christian based prints. Run by three brothers. These prints are so colourful and always use the funkiest fonts. The print comes in such aesthetic packaging, which I don’t know about you but I really appreciate.

Jess Smith Illustrations Her is calendar is BEAUT, the illustrations are stunning. What’s more sustainable than a present you know someone can use literally every single day of the year?! !! We Are Known !! OF COURSeEee I’m going to mention our own products. We’ve worked super hard, I love every piece so much and I want you all to put them on your Christmas lists. We are releasing our first ever jumpers, the quality is insane. We've been making a mess of jacks living room by hand making lino prints. Christmas Cards also. So exciting to share so many projects that we have enjoyed designing/creating.

My next recommendation is buy less

Weird for a gift guide I know and I promise I’m not a Scrooge. I love Christmas and I always have. I think having younger siblings makes the season even more fun as their excitement rubs off on me. However, as with almost everything, Christmas has become less fun the more aware I get. I cringe at people buying cheap, tacky and plastic stocking fillers that will get used for approximately one minute before getting immediately forgotten as the next one is opened. I get sad when Instagram stories are filled with boujee presents after boujee presents as if this is the most important part of the day. It makes me mad knowing how many people will be eating turkey. The Independent states that 100,000 tons of plastic packaging gets binned on Christmas Day. Most us don’t actually need or want the present all that plastic was wrapping. Yes it’s fun, and the dopamine hit from giving presents is great but in reality how many presents have you received that you’ve smiled politely at, stored in a cupboard and never thought about again.

A good way to reduce waste this Christmas is to get creative. Draw a picture, bake cookies, make candles (Jack and me did this last year, it was the most fun. Made the kitchen very messy but so worth it). Howeverr only do this if you KNOW the person actually wants what you create them. It’s so awkward pretending to like a present that you know someone spent hours making. I know I sound slightly psycho but we all have so much junk in our lives that we really don’t need.

Buy Second Hand there are so many products already out there we don’t always need something new. Fun fact Lucy & Yak run a Depop account with products they no longer sell on their main website, returns or ones with slight faults e.g. missing buttons. Reduce waste and buy the products that would otherwise end up in landfill. Plus it’s cheaper so a win win.

Potentially the best way to reduce waste is to gift an experience. Plus it’s kind of a points present because you can go along with them. Take your mum out to a local theatre show. The Crescent Main House in Birmingham have high quality shows without high quality prices (west end I’m talking to you). Or take your siblings out for food. The Warehouse Cafe near Moor Street train station is vibey with solely vegetarian scrummy foods. The festive lunch they are offering in the run up to Christmas looks banging.

Disclaimer : I don't want to sound too preachy and annoying so apologies, it’s not exactly the Christmas spirit that is expected. But it’s on my mind so I’m sharing.

Also family if you are reading this please still buy me presents lol, I have a list of books I’d like (would prefer them second hand of course 😉) 🎄 Minimal Christmas is the way forward 🌲

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