Let's Procrastinate...

This time of year is seen as the season to ‘get stuff done’. These winter months contribute to the long, miserable and rainy season of productivity. The message from adverts, social media and even your boss at work is; grind now and relax in summer. But I believe we were made to thrive everyday, and we can’t do this if we burn out and over work. So let me be the one to tell you that yes, by all means start an etsy shop or revise for exams but also make time for yourself. Not being productive all the time is good for our souls. 

One of my favourite ways to unwind is watch youtube. Here are some channels that I enjoy to watch...

The Michalaks

My absolute favorutie videos to watch. I will drop everything/anything I am doing when I see they have posted. Stef films and edits these videos with such talent. They'd feel more appropriate to watch in the cinema with surround sound than on my small cracked iphone. Despite the production value being so high, their videos remain honest, raw and real. They aren’t afraid to express their weird opinions, show when their house is a mess and moan about their children. This, combined with the cinematography, makes them an insanely enjoyable watch. I would highly recommend any of their travel videos, this one being a favourite of mine.


A cooking YouTube channel that is pure entertainment at its finest. Watching these videos won’t teach you anything, you’ll probably never recreate a recipe cooked, however you will laugh. My favourites are the ‘Pass It On’ challenges. For easy and lighthearted escapism, watch these.

Honey Bunch of Onion Tops

For recipes and food inspiration you will actually want to recreate, this is the channel. Phoebe’s videos are aesthetic and make me immediately hungry. Simple and wholesome with food for all occasions, her food ideas provide accessible vegan cooking

The Super Carlin Brothers

The most annoying voices but once you get past that their videos are great for Harry Potter, Star Wars and Disney lovers. They come up with many a detailed conspiracy theory which nerds like my sister and I get too invested in. The films alone are an escapism but J and Ben’s enthusiastic nature have me believing almost anything they suggest. 

Ted Ed

I’m a sucker for the random fact. This channel produces short videos on the widest range of subjects, from the history of cheese to the science behind why we sweat. Funky graphics keep it engaging and lighthearted. If you want to win pub quizzes these are the videos for you.

Madeleine Olivia

A lifestyle vlogger with all the realistic ideas about how to live sustainably. She makes what can seem daunting doable. Madeleine proves you can live a different and minimal lifestyle whilst living in this western world and not running away to the jungle living off fruit.

I know that there are 'healthier' ways to unwind. I'm all for getting off technology but sometimes you just gotta embrace it.

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