Sustainable clothing brands that you need to know about …

I'm literally always talking about how big an impact fast fashion has on our fellow humans + our planet. So I won't bore you with more of that now but if you are new here find out why I don't buy fast fashion here, here and here.

If you want to change up your wardorbe the best option always has been and always will be buying second hand. Depop is where majority of my wardrobe comes from. The below brands are my current favourites for if I am looking for something specific / stalking vibey clothes on instagram feed...

Pixie & Bobs

Annie handmakes beautiful dresses using lots of neutrals and leopard prints. She encourages her clothing to be re-worn and loved for a long time. Clothes for life not just one occasion. The clothing pieces she creates are designed to be worn in a variety of ways meaning they make it accessible and easy to re-wear on multiple occasions.

By Megan Crosby

Another one woman wonder brand. Megan makes made to order clothing in bright and pastel colours with lots of gingham. Flares and shift dresses are her speciality. Her dresses are such good value for money when you consider the fact they are made to your exact measurements.

Luna Clothing

Luna is run by two lovely ladies who collate clothing from independent brands all over the world. These clothes and accessories are affordable yet still high quality. Maybe not the most ethical brand, I can't really tell where they source the clothes from. However at least your pennies are supportig the girls who run it not directly a dogdby brand.

Lucy & Yak

I hardly need to mention them, we all know how great this brand is by now.


Seeing as you are already on our website you may as well check out our cool clothing. (#sorrynotsorry I can’t help but hype our brand, we love it)

Swimwear :

Apologies for including swimwear I know none of us will be going on a hot tropical holiday anytime soon and most of us don't have access to swimming pools, its basically torture to suggest ordering swimwear you won't be able to swim in. But I keep looking anyway oops...

Babe Swim

The coolest vintage looking swimwear with the funkiest patterned material. You can get matching beach bags + bucket hats. My birthday is in June, please someone buy me this.

Slow Garments

Run by one badass women who sews everything from her living room. She creates classic, timeless swimwear made from insane fabrics; recycled plastic, carpets & fishing nets turned into swimwear material. The best addition is her underwear, I will not be wearing second hand underwear anytime soon so brands like this sort me out.

Shoes :


This brand uses recycled / reclaimed car tyres to handmake the shoe soles. They even hand paint each can't get cooler than that surely ? They have really limited runs so definitely keep your eye out for when they release a pair in your size. (Or actually don't because I really want a pair and they are always sold out of my size).

Saye Brand

Designed and made in Europe, these trainers are made from organic and recycled materials. Personally I think they are a cooler style than other famous sustainable shoe brands (Apologies Veja, I’m talking to you). As soon as they release a vegan version I am grabbing myself a pair.

It can be really hard to find out which brands are genuinely sustainable and which are purely jumping on the bandwagon and treating sustainability like a trend. Introducing : Greenwashing. Greenwashing is when a brand provides misleading information encouraging you to believe they are eco-friendly and ethical. Brands like H&M, Zara etc produce sustainable ranges but they are still made by children in sweatshops. No matter what fancy materials they use the amount of clothes they produce can never be sustainable ! They do not deserve our support.

Reminder : The best clothes are the ones you already have in your wardrobe, lets celebrate the clothes we have and love already.

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